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Ali Re Ali Mumbai Police! This song, composed for Mayanagari Supercops, is going viral on social media

Mumbai Police has shared a special music video on Instagram in honor of Mumbai's Supercop. Which has been prepared by an employee of the force. The title of this song is - Ali Re Ali Mumbai Police.

The speed and bravery of the Mumbai Police is famous across the country. The policemen here who protect the city with full commitment day and night, are often called supercops. In honor of this supercop, Mumbai Police has shared a special music video on Instagram. Which is prepared by a fellow of the force. The title of this song is – Ali Re Ali Mumbai Police…

This person is ready

In the caption of the video, the department has written – “Ali Re Ali Mumbai Police! Composed with passion by PC Mayur Rane, the song honors the bravery and commitment of the city's defenders. We hope that hearing this instills as much pride in you as it does in us.

The work of the Mumbai Police is depicted

In the video, glimpses of police personnel of various ranks are seen. It also shows the police helping city residents escape from dangerous situations. This video was posted a few days ago. Since then it has been viewed more than 1.4 lakh times. The post has received more than 12,000 likes. People have reacted to this video and made various comments.

What did Instagram users say about the Mumbai police video?

An Instagram user wrote, 'Good job Mumbai Police. Proud to be a Mumbaikar. Another said, 'Every word of this song perfectly defines everything about Mumbai Police.' Another wrote- 'We were amused to hear this'. A user said- 'After listening to this song, my jaw dropped and tears came to my eyes.'

This is not the first time. When the Mumbai Police shared the music video. This department has its own band called Khaki Studio. It is a group of individuals from different stations of the Mumbai Police who work together to play the beautiful tunes of hit tracks. The team also performs for the public from time to time.

People praised Mumbai Police

Let us tell you that the bravery and valor of the Mumbai Police has always been visible. For example, the bravery of the Mumbai Police in the Mumbai attacks of 26/11 was acknowledged by the whole world

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