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After Wasim Jaffer, Rishabh Pant openly mocked the legendary player.

Rishabh Pant, who was out for almost 15 months due to injury, is now going to make a comeback in the IPL 2024 season. Everyone is excited about this. Rishabh Pant's fans are not only eager to see his amazing work with the bat, but also to hear his funny commentary and sledging from behind the stumps.
3 Month ago

Rishabh, who was seriously injured in a dangerous accident, is going to return to the cricket field after 15 months after getting fit. Delhi Capitals captain Pant is set to make a comeback with the IPL 2024 season starting on March 22. In such a situation, everyone is excited to see him. Not only Indian fans but also foreign players are eager to see him again. Pant participated in an interview with two such great players from Australia and England and openly mocked the England player.

A dialogue with Gilchrist-Michael Vaughan

A few days before the start of the IPL 2024 season, Rishabh Pant appeared in a YouTube interview with former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist and former England star captain Michael Vaughan. Meanwhile, both of them asked Rishabh many questions. It was natural for Gilchrist, one of the greatest wicketkeepers in the history of cricket, to question Pant's keeping, but his question was not the technique of keeping but the sledging for which Pant has become so famous.

Michael Vaughan got trolled

Gilchrist asked Pant what he would say to distract Michael Vaughan if he was batting. In response, Pant left no stone unturned to target Michael Vaughan. Michael Vaughan, who was often mocked by former India batsman Wasim Jaffer on social media, got a funny reply from Pant. Pant talked about Michael Vaughan's habit of using it against him and said that to upset Michael Vaughan, he would say that it is not worth paying too much attention to social media.

Fun in sledging along with batting

However, Pant also said that Gilchrist cannot say anything to such a player as he cannot spoil his rhythm. Pant has become very popular among fans due to his funny statements and dialogues behind the stumps but fans have been missing him for the last 15 months and now that wait is going to end with Pant's return to IPL. Fans hope that Pant will not only show his magic with the bat but also entertain the fans with his words. Delhi Capitals' first match in IPL 2024 will be against Punjab Kings in Mohali on Saturday, March 23.

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