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Actor Govinda remarried after 37 years! Find out with whom, watch the video here

Bollywood's powerful actor Govinda has married again after 37 years of marriage. Madhuri Dixit and Sunil Shetty were present with him on this special occasion. Now you might be wondering who he married lastly, find out here

Actor Govinda, who won the hearts of people with his brilliant comic timing and stunning dance moves in Bollywood, may be away from the film screen these days, but he is seen on the TV screen every now and then. The actor's fan following has not waned even today and people still love to watch his films.

Recently the actor did something that has now caught people's attention. In fact, the actor has remarried after 37 years of marriage during one of his TV shows, with Bollywood queens Madhuri Dixit and Sunil Shetty witnessing the special moment. Now let us tell you why Govinda remarried and with whom here.

Govinda got married again after 37 years

Govinda reached the sets of the dance reality show 'Dance Deewane' with his partner i.e. wife Sunita. He appeared as a guest in a special episode of the show. It is during this time that he has remarried to none other than his partner of 37 years i.e. his wife. A video of her has also surfaced, in which Madhuri tells Dixit Govinda that she didn't even know when he got married.

Expressing grief over this, Govinda's wife Sunita says that she does not have any wedding photos. In response to this Madhuri Dixit says that it doesn't matter if there are no photos, but you have a family of 'dance lovers', on the other hand the bride and groom are also present here, so let them get married once again today. After this Sunil Shetty and Madhuri bring necklaces for Govinda and Sunita and then Govinda and Sunita marry each other again.

Govinda remarried in 'Dance Deewane'

This special episode of 'Dance Deewane' is named 'Govinda Ki Shaadi'. Both have relived their wedding moment, as they had no memory of the wedding. Everyone on the set looked excited on this occasion. Govinda and Sunita were seen in a matching pair. While Govinda wore a pink shimmery kurta-pajama, Sunita was also seen in a heavy pink lehenga. A moment filled with love was also seen between the two. After Vermala, the two were seen hugging and kissing each other.

How Sunita and Govinda met for the first time

During a conversation with Simi Grewal years ago, Govinda said that he first met Sunita at his uncle's wedding. Govinda's uncle and Sunita's sister were married. It was here that the two fell in love and later got married, but the post-marriage period was full of tension. Govinda and Sunita said that there were many fights between them.

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