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Aamir Khan Comeback: Aamir Khan is bringing the upcoming version of 'Taare Zameen Par', shooting has started

Aamir Khan has announced about his upcoming film. Currently, at the promotional event of Kiran Rao's Missing Ladies, he has revealed the name of his comeback film. He was told that the shooting of the film has started. His story will be the second part of his 2007 film Taare Zameen Par. But the story will be completely different.

Aamir Khan is in discussion about his upcoming film. Recently during an interview he talked about his upcoming film. Currently, Aamir Khan has arrived at the event of his ex-wife Kiran Rao's film 'Lapata Ladies'. Meanwhile, he has opened up about the film. The special thing is that this film is the second part of his 2007 film Taare Zameen Par. Let me tell you what the truth is.

During an interview, when Aamir Khan was asked about his upcoming film, he said that he is working on it. He is going to make a comeback soon. The shooting of his film has also started. Told him that the name of the film is Sitare Zameen Par. After listening to this you must have remembered his movie Taare Zameen Par. So let us tell you that this film is part 2 of it. But it is very different from that.

The next level of Tare Zamani

Aamir Khan said in an interview that you won the hearts of the audience on the ground. This movie will also make you laugh as much. We can also call it the next level on earth. But the story and characters of this film are very different from the first film. Though the theme of both the films is same but there is a lot of difference. Aamir said that the difference is that this film will make you laugh a lot. The director of the film has also changed, his name is Prasan Da.

The story of 'Sitare Zameen Par' is special

Talking about this film, Aamir Khan said that now we will see the same story in a different perspective. In the interview, Aamir described himself as emotional and also mentioned Lagaan. When asked about her getup, she told him that you will know this only when you watch the film. So it will be interesting to see what Aamir will be seen in his comeback film this time.

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