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A temple where watch is offered instead of prasad, know the interesting story

There are many temples in our country where deities are worshiped and prasad or bhog is offered, but there is also one temple where a watch is offered to God as prasad. You may be surprised to hear this but there is an interesting story behind it. Let's know about it in detail.

Before going to the temple, people buy fruits, flowers, garlands, sweets etc. as prasad to the Lord. After the fulfillment of the wish, people become happy and offer various kinds of dishes in the temples. You must have heard about many prasads offered in temples till date, but we are going to tell you about one temple that will surely leave you in awe. This is because there is one temple in India where there are no ladoos or other prasads but watches are given as prasads. It is said that any kind of mishap and bad time can be avoided by paying darshan here. Let's know some more about this.

Watches are offered when wishes are fulfilled

This temple is in a village near Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. This temple is also known as Brahma Baba. The most special thing associated with this temple is that every devotee who comes here offers watches to the temple instead of garlanding them. This tradition of this temple is almost 30 years old. Due to this unique prasad, this temple remains the center of discussion among the people. There is a tradition behind this unique temple of Brahma Baba or Gadi Baba.

Thus began the tradition of offering clocks

According to local people, once a man came to Brahma Baba's temple with the desire to become a good driver. His wish made in Baba's temple got fulfilled and he became a good driver. Being happy, the man offered the watch to this temple. When people came to know that wishes are fulfilled in this temple, people also started offering the watch to the temple as prasad. Since then this has been going on as a tradition.

People come from far and wide to donate watches

This temple of Ghadi Baba is so popular that after the completion of his manta, people come from far and wide to offer prasad here. There is a banyan tree outside this temple where people offer clocks. Another amazing thing about this temple is that no one can steal the watch offered as prasad in the temple. Devotees keep coming to this temple throughout the year.

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