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A strange case happened in Mumbai's Malad, a severed human finger came out of the ice cream

A woman in Mumbai's Malad area ordered ice cream online. As soon as he started eating the ice cream, his eyes fell on the man's severed finger. As soon as he saw this, a scream came out of his mouth. The entire matter has reached the police. A case has been registered against the ice cream company. Mumbai Police is conducting further investigation in this matter.

Just imagine if you are eating something and human organs are found in that food. It's natural to feel nauseous just thinking about it. But actually one such case has happened in Mumbai, Maharashtra. A woman ordered 3 ice creams to eat through an online app. The woman opened the ice cream packaging as soon as it was delivered. As the woman was about to eat the ice cream, she saw a human finger in the ice cream, and Che screamed.

The woman was blown away by the sight of a human finger in the ice cream. A scream came out of his mouth. Nervous, he dropped the ice cream first. He felt that there might be something wrong with him. But when he looked at the ice cream again, he realized it was actually a 2 centimeter human finger.

Awaiting the report

The woman immediately informed her family about this. Later, the Malad police were also informed about a human finger coming out of the ice cream. The police reached the spot and sent the ice cream along with the human finger for lab testing. Based on the woman's complaint, the police have registered a case against Yammo Ice Cream Company. Police said the ice cream and the human finger have now been sent for forensic examination. Whether this finger belongs to a man or a woman is not yet known. Everything will be clear after the report.

This incident became a topic of discussion

However, this incident has become a topic of discussion in the entire Malad area. So far there have been reports of lizards, rats and other living insects being found in food items. But the fact that human body parts are also being found has created a stir. Everyone is wondering how this can happen. This news has also gone viral on social media. It is being said that Yummo Ice Cream is a well-known brand. Now what action the police will take next will be known only after the report comes.

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