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Why UP? This movie of 2014 had already shown the game of 2024! You will also say absolutely right, see-Video

As the Lok Sabha Election 2024 results are out, a scene from a Bollywood film is fast becoming viral. This scene tells the Lok Sabha elections and the Uttar Pradesh factor in Indian politics, i.e. the point of view of the voters there.

Modi government was formed for the first time in the year 2014 and a film was released in the same year. The name of the film is 'Youngistan'. The film is the story of a young leader who is trying to establish himself in Indian politics. The film also had a love angle. After watching the film, people associated him with Rahul Gandhi saying that the film was trying to show his story, while the makers claimed that the film was completely fictional.

The film featured Jackie Bhagnani and Neha Sharma in lead roles. The film did not do much on screen and flopped badly. Now, after 10 years, a scene from the film is rapidly going viral on social media, even as the results of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 are out.

Why is the scene going viral?

You may be wondering what was in this scene from the movie 'Yangistan' and what is the point of going viral on this occasion. In fact, the scene going viral directly mirrors what was witnessed in this Lok Sabha election. Yes, the Uttar Pradesh factor was shown in the film. Now this same scene is going viral, in which it is being told what is the status of Uttar Pradesh in Indian politics.

A scene from the film makes it clear that this is enough to change the game of one state election. This scene fits yesterday's alliance and shows how voters in Uttar Pradesh give surprising decisions. Even in yesterday's results, Uttar Pradesh spoiled the whole game and with it people also remembered this scene from the movie.

What is the scene of the film?

Now let us tell you about this scene in detail. Three characters from the film appear in this scene. Neha Sharma, Jackie Bhagnani and Farooq Shaikh are sitting. Meanwhile, Jackie says, 'Let UP's votes come in front…' Hearing this, Neha asks why only UP? In response to this Farooq Shaikh says, 'Son, because till date no one in Indian politics has understood why only UP.'

Who got how many seats in UP?

If we look at the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha election results, the Samajwadi Party has won the highest number of seats. He has got 37 seats. While his ally Congress Party has got 6 seats. On this account, Bharat Gathbandhan has got 43 seats. While BJP could win only 33 seats and its constituent Gal RLD could win only 2 seats and Apna Dal could win only one seat.

Azad Samaj Party has won one seat. Recall that BJP won 63 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This simply means that they lost 30 seats and this was the main factor that BJP could not achieve majority.

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