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Shani Jayanti 2024: Chant these miraculous mantras on Shani Jayanti, every problem from seven and a half will be removed!

This year Shani Jayanti is on 6th June i.e. today. Lord Shani is pleased by worshiping him on this day. Also dear things are offered to seek their blessings. In such a situation we will tell you which mantras chanting on Shani Jayanthi can be beneficial.

Shani Dev Mantra: Every year the festival of Shani Jayanti is celebrated on Amas day of Jeth month. This time Shani Jayanti is on June 6 ie today. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Shani was incarnated on the day of Amas in the month of Jeth. There is a religious belief that proper worship of Lord Shani on this day frees one from Shani Dosha.

On this day their favorite things are offered to please them and seek their blessings. In such a situation, if you also want to get the grace of Lord Shani, then you must chant these special mantras during the puja on Shani Jayanti. It is believed that chanting these Shani Mantras on Shani Jayanti removes every problem in one's life and gets rid of Shani Dosha.

Mantras of Shani Dev, the giver of karma Mantra for success in life

I commit thousands of crimes every day.

Consider me as a servant and forgive me, O Lord.

Sin is gone, sorrow is gone and poverty is gone.

Happiness and wealth have come I am pious to see you

Vedic Mantra of Shanidev Maharaj

ऊँ We offer to you the threefold goddess, who is fragrant and enhances your nourishment.

Like Urvārakā, free me from the bondage of death and do not die.

ॐ Shannodevirabhishtaya apo bhavantu pitaye.shanyorabhisravantu na. OM SHAM SHANISCHARAYA NAMAH.

ऊँ I offer my obeisances to Saturn, the son of the Sun, the elder brother of Yama, whose radiance is like blue ointment, who is born of the shadow of Martanda.

Shani Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhagabhavaya विद्महे Mrityurupaya धीमहि तन्नो शणिः प्रवोदयत्

Saturn invocation mantra

He is dressed in blue and wears a spear and a crown

May the four-armed son of the sun, the peaceful, always bestow boons on me

Shanidev's Mahamantra

Om Nilanjana Samabhasam Raviputram Yamagrajam.

I offer my obeisances to that Saturn born of the shadow of Artanda.

Shani Health Mantra

She is a flag bearer and a skeleton and loves quarrels.

Kankati Kalhi Chauth Turangi Mahishi is coming.

Slowly the man chanted these names of his wife.

Sufferings are always destroyed, fortune increases and happiness increases.

Saturn's Puranic Mantra


ऊँ Halrisham Shanidevaya Namah.




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