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PM Modi Meets Gamers: What is the difference between gaming and gambling, know what is the law of online gaming in India

The gaming industry in India is growing rapidly. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well aware of its possibilities. That is why recently PM Modi met with top gamers of India. PM Modi visited with a total of 7 gamers. So today we will know what is the gap between gaming and gambling and what are the rules in India.
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The gaming craze has been growing in India for the past few years. While many youngsters are making a career in gaming. Then PM Modi today met with a total of 7 top gamers of India. While Indian families often misunderstand the difference between gaming and gambling.

What is Gaming?

Gaming means that which is played online through computer or mobile. Which game is legal in the country and state. Also no money is used in it. Nowadays e-gaming is also given many awards.

What is Gambling?

Online gambling or Gambling involves betting money or other things. Also different states may have different rules for gambling. If this rule is played against. So it is included in the criminal activity.

Know what are the rules of gaming in India

  • Playing online games is allowed in India. It does not include any form of gambling or betting.
  • Those online games can be played in India. The content of which does not promote any kind of addiction in children and does not harm the players.
  • Online games will be regulated by SROs. This will include industry, gamers and other stakeholders. It will not be controlled by the government.
  • According to the new rules, SROs will have to publish warnings about financial risks and fraud on online gaming websites regarding users' safety and gaming addiction.
  • The limit of how much money can be spent on which game will be determined by the user. This regulatory framework has a provision to send warning messages to the user at frequent intervals before the spending limit is reached.
  • In online games where real money will be used, KYC (Know Your Customer) norms also have to be followed. That means it will be mandatory for the user or gamer to undergo KYC verification.


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