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Monsoon 2024 : Rejoice ! Monsoon has entered the country ahead of time, know when it will arrive in Gujarat

According to the IMD, the monsoon has set in two days earlier than its usual time. Rain activity has increased in many areas of the state. Let us tell you that the Meteorological Department had said in its forecast that the monsoon will reach the coast of Kerala on May 30.

Monsoon has finally entered the country amidst scorching heat. According to the Meteorological Department, Monsoon has already entered Kerala and it is raining heavily. With the arrival of monsoon, many states are set to get relief from the scorching heat.

Entry of Monsoon in the country

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department said the entry of monsoon has come two days earlier than expected. Today i.e. 30th May Monsoon has advanced in most parts of Northeast India.

The MDA informed yesterday i.e. on 30th May that the conditions are favorable for the arrival of monsoon in Kerala during the next 24 hours. This year it has knocked in Kerala two days before its scheduled time. Let us tell you that the normal date of monsoon in Kerala is 1st June. However, it is also considered normal to be 3-4 days ahead or behind.

It will rain in Gujarat on this day

After the arrival of rains in Kerala, the arrival of monsoon in Gujarat is about 15 days later, that is, there is a possibility of rain in Gujarat around June 15. In the meantime, the people of the state will get some relief from the scorching heat, after which it may rain around June 15.

Early arrival of Southwest Monsoon in Kerala

The weather department gave the information today. Monsoon has entered Kerala on 30 May 2024. Along with this, heavy rain has been seen in the state. However, heavy rainfall activity is already underway in Kerala.

According to the Meteorological Department, after entering Kerala, the monsoon is now moving towards parts of the Northeast. Meteorologists believe that Cyclone Ramal, which passed through West Bengal and Bangladesh on Sunday, has made the conditions favorable for the arrival of monsoon. Let us tell you that it has been raining heavily in Kerala for the past few days.

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