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If the 5 runs in the penalty had not come to India's account, would the defeat of the Indian team be certain?

In the 25th match of the T20 World Cup 2024, the American team has come under the grip of a new rule of the ICC. In this match, his one mistake has caused a huge loss while the Indian team has gained.
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The 25th match of the T20 World Cup 2024 was played between the team of America and India. The two teams faced each other at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York. In this match, the American team has suffered a big loss due to an ICC rule. So the mistake of the American team has benefited the Indian team. Team India defeated the host USA by 7 wickets in the third match of Group A in Nassau County on Wednesday, June 12.

The American team became a victim of this ICC rule

After the 15th over of Team India's innings, the umpire imposed a penalty of 5 runs on the American team. This decision against the American team has been made under the stop clock rule. Under this rule, if the bowling team was not ready to bowl within 60 seconds of the last over, a penalty of 5 runs was imposed for the third time in this innings. The umpire also warned the USA team twice and then took this action.

India needed only 30 runs to win. He had to make it in 30 balls. The Indian team won the match by 7 wickets with 10 balls remaining. That is, the American team also worked hard for the win, but finally 5 penalty runs became the reason for their defeat.

The batting team has an advantage

Under the stop clock rule, the batting team has the advantage. If a team takes two more 60 seconds to bowl the next over after the completion of the last over, the batting team is awarded 5 runs, as we have seen many times, even 1 run is needed to win the match. Then these 5 runs are very less for the batting team. Let us tell you that Team India needed 35 runs to win in the last 5 overs. He was given these 5 runs then. Which was very useful for Team India in the last time.

In the T20 World Cup 2024, only 2 teams have qualified for the Super-8 round, with Australia first and then India. Coincidentally, these two teams are in the same group in the Super-8 round and will face each other.

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