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Hazratbal Dargah: Why Hazratbal Dargah in Kashmir is special, where PM Modi will arrive, know its importance

Kashmir Hazratbal darhah : Hazratbal shrine is one of the most famous places in India, which is considered as a very holy place for Muslims. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a tour of Jammu and Kashmir, will today visit Hazratbal Dargah, one of the prestigious pilgrimage sites of Muslims. In such a situation, let's know the history and importance of this holy place.

Hazratbal Shrine Kashmir: Any religious place Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits becomes the center of discussion among people. Today PM Narendra Modi will visit Hazratbal Dargah during his Kashmir tour to inaugurate Hazratbal Shrine project and integrated development of Sonmarg Ski Drag Lift. In this situation, let's know about the special features and history of this Dargah in Kashmir.

Dargah is a place of pilgrimage for people of Muslim faith

Our country has communities following different religions. People go to temple, mosque, church or gurudwara to fulfill their beliefs. However some people also go to Dargah. People believe that whatever prayers they pray at the shrine with a sincere heart gets fulfilled. Dargah is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims but people of all religions come here to visit.

In this article we will tell you about Hazratbal Dargah in Kashmir. Because it is called the most special shrine of the Muslim community. The specialty of this dargah is that people of every religion except the Muslim community come here. So let's know about the most famous Hazratbal Dargah in Kashmir.

The history of Hazratbal is very old

This dargah is also called a historical dargah, about which there are many beliefs. Its history is said to be very old. It is an Islamic belief that the hair of the beard of the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad Sahib, is preserved in this dargah. It is said that Mohammad Sahib's hair was brought to Kashmir by Syed Abdullah, after which he buried his hair in this shrine.

What is the specialty of Hazratbal Dargah?

This dargah is located on the banks of Dal Lake in Kashmir, people come from far and wide to visit it, as this dargah is associated with Hazrat. Also due to the beauty of this dargah, people coming to Kashmir do not go here without worshiping it. People of every religion come here to fulfill their wishes. Hazratbal Dargah is known as Madinat-as-Sani, Asr-e-Sharif and Dargah Sharif etc.

Why is Hazratbal Dargah special for Muslims?

You have to cover your head before entering this dargah. Also there is no fee to pay to enter here. No woman can enter this shrine. Because it is a mosque as well as a shrine. Hazratbal Teerth in Srinagar is a famous mosque which is a center of great faith among Muslims. According to beliefs, it contains 'Moi-e-Mukkadas' i.e. the sacred hairs of Prophet Muhammad's beard. This mosque is considered to be a symbol of Muslims' love and devotion to the Prophet.

When and who built Hazratbal Dargah?

In many places its history is mentioned to be connected with the seventeenth century. It is said that Sadiq Khan, the governor of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in Kashmir, built a garden, buildings and a resting place at this place in 1623. In the year 1634, Shah Jahan ordered to make this palace a place of worship.

It is also said that the construction of this dargah started in 1968 under the supervision of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah of the Muslim Auqaf Trust. The construction of this white marble building was completed in the year 1979. Hazratbal Dargah was featured in the 2010 Bollywood film Lamha, starring Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu, Kunal Kapoor and Anupam Kher.

It is called the White Mosque

Hazratbal Shrine is one of the most famous places in India which is considered as a very holy place for Muslims. Hazratbal Dargah attracts many pilgrims every year and is an important part of Muslim culture in India. Hazratbal is known as the “White Mosque” because of its white marble exterior.

It is special for Muslims of India and Pakistan

Apart from its religious significance, Hazratbal Tirtha is also famous for its architecture and beauty. Hazratbal Dargah is a magnificent white marble edifice situated on the banks of the beautiful Dal Sarovar. Hazratbal Shrine is one of the most important religious places in Kashmir. The shrine is a popular pilgrimage site for both Indian and Pakistani Muslims.

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