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Crime News : Nude Call...Training given on fake accounts, 3000 Indians caught in the clutches of Chinese cybercriminals

Chinese Cyber ​​scammers: The case of Chinese cyber criminals holding Indian citizens hostage and trapping them in honey-trap has come to light. Scammers used to force Indian women to make nude calls to trick people.

Cyber ​​scammers: Indian women smuggled to Cambodia by Chinese cyber criminals are being forced to make honey traps to strangers by making nude calls. This has been revealed by Telangana resident Munshi Prakash, who became a victim of Chinese fraud.

This is how Indians became victims of Chinese fraud

Prakash, a BTech graduate in civil engineering, was working in an IT firm in Hyderabad and posted his profile on job sites looking for a job abroad. A native of Bayaram Mandal in Mahbubabad said, “Vijay, an agent from Cambodia, called me and offered me a job in Australia. He said, I have to give my travel history before going to Australia. He even gave me a ticket to Malaysia.”

Training on creating fake social media profiles

He said, “From Kuala Lumpur I was taken to Phnom Penh on March 12. A local representative of Vijay took 85,000 US dollars from me. After this the Chinese nationals confiscated my passport and took me to Krong Bawet, where there was. I was housed in Tower C along with other Indians and we were trained to create fake social media profiles in Telugu and other languages.

They kept me in a dark room for a week and tortured me, Prakash said. When I got sick, they kicked me out. During this time I recorded a video narrating my painful experiences. I emailed my sister in Tamil Nadu, who informed the authorities.

Spent 12 days in jail

After this, the Indian Embassy, ​​Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments decided to rescue him. Earlier on April 16, Cambodian police rescued Prakash from traffickers, but a Chinese gang falsely accused him and arrested him. During this time he spent 12 days in jail.

"When the authorities realized that the charges were fake, they sent me to Delhi on July 5," said Prakash. Nine other people were also rescued along with him. He said 3,000 Indians, many of them from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, are stranded in Cambodia. This includes girls who are forced to make nude calls from their detention camps.

According to information, the money the Chinese gang earns from these cyber slaves is converted into cryptocurrency and then into US dollars and finally into Chinese yuan.

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