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Ashwini Vaishnav brings Google's San to the Google Play Store for apps like Dhekane, Joba and

Google has restored 10 Indian apps on Play Store. Google was criticized from all around for removing popular apps like,, from play store. After the Indian government's intervention, the company had to withdraw its decision.

Indian apps are back on the Google Play Store. In fact, Google removed some Indian apps from the Play Store for non-payment of service fees. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has termed the process of removing apps from Google Play Store as wrong. He has called a meeting of Google app developers on Monday. Earlier, Google had initiated action to remove 10 Indian apps from the Play Store for non-payment of Play Store service fees.

The matter became very heated and Google received a lot of criticism for this move. The government had to intervene on the app de-listing issue and then Google was on the back foot. Now all Indian apps are back on Google Play Store.

The apps that Google is going to remove include popular apps like,, Google said that these app developers did not follow its guidelines, so action is being taken to remove the apps.

Google has taken the wrong step – Ashwini Vaishnav

Union Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has condemned this move by Google. According to a PTI report, he said that India's policy is very clear. Our startups will get the security they need. Such de-listing cannot be allowed to anyone.


The IT Minister convened the meeting

According to ANI, Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has called Google and app developers affected by the de-listing for a meeting. The meeting is to be held on Monday. Google has restored all the de-listed apps on the Google Play Store after the strict stance of the government.

For your information, let us tell you that Google has updated the payment policy of Google Play Store. However, many Indian app developers have not paid its service fee. Disturbed by this, Google in a blog post on March 1 talked about taking action against Indian app developers. However, the company has not named any specific app.

The threat was on these apps

Google was going to remove 10 Indian apps from Play Store. These include popular apps like Sadi dotcom, Quack Quack, Stage, InfoEdge's proprietary apps like, and

There is a dispute between the Indian startup and Google regarding the service fee. Google charges a service fee of up to 26 percent for in-app purchases on its Play Store and app downloads from the Play Store. Startups believe that these fees are too high.

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