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Rahul Dravid's big decision at the time of his separation from Team India won hearts by leaving 2.5 crores

Rahul Dravid has resigned as the coach of Team India. The performance of the Indian team during Rahul's tenure has been very good. The team was number-1 in all three formats. However, one of his decisions at the time of farewell has won everyone's heart.
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In T20 World Cup 2024, the Indian team has become the world champion with a great victory. BCCI has announced a prize of 125 crore rupees for the Indian cricket team. The prize money will be shared among the 42 members of the players and coaching staff of Team India. According to which all the 15 players of the Indian team i.e. World Cup squad will get 5 crore rupees each. While coaching and other staff will get an amount of two and a half crore rupees.

However, in the meantime, former Indian team coach Rahul Dravid has won everyone's heart by taking a big decision. Dravid has decided to give up half of the prize money to himself. That means Rahul will not get the full five crore reward but will get only two and a half crore rupees as reward. According to reports, Rahul wants to collect the prize money like the rest of the team's coaching staff. For this reason, he will decide to take only two and a half crore rupees as reward. That means he will now take Rs 2.5 crore like the rest of the coaching staff.

A similar decision was taken in 2018 as well

Even earlier, Rahul Dravid had taken a similar decision during the U-19 World Cup win. In the year 2018, India won the Under-19 World Cup. For this success, BCCI awarded the players 30 lakh rupees each.

While Rahul Dravid has decided to give 50 lakh rupees and 20 lakh rupees each to the support staff. But then Dravid refused to take 50 lakh rupees. After this BCCI gave Rs 25 lakh each to the support staff including Rahul Dravid.

This was Dravid's trip with Team India.

Rahul Dravid was selected as the coach of the Indian team in 2021. Before this, Rahul Dravid was the director of the National Cricket Academy and also coached the Under-19 team. The performance of Team India has been very good during Rahul Dravid's tenure as the coach.

Team India was number one in all three formats. During his tenure he played to the finals of the ODI World Cup and Test Championship and also quenched his thirst for ICC trophies by winning the T20 World Cup trophy.

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