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Bigg Boss OTT 3: After slapping Vishal Pandey, Bigg Boss gives big punishment to Armaan, know what is this punishment

In an episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 on Sunday, YouTuber Armaan Malik slapped a contestant Vishal Pandey. Usually in the Bigg Boss house whenever a contestant raises his hand on another contestant he is thrown out of the house, but in the Bigg Boss OTT house Vishal was punished for slapping him.
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In Bigg Boss OTT 3, Anil Kapoor has also spoken about YouTuber Armaan Malik's first wife, Payal, on the slapping scandal in Week & Ka Vaar. He said that Vishal Pandey spoke wrongly about Armaan's second wife Kritika Malik. Seeing Kritika, Vishal said in the ear of his friend Lavkesh Kataria that Kritika Malik looks good. Both Armaan and Kritika were unaware of this. Armaan slaps Vishal after Payal's explanation.

The Bigg Boss team did not evict Armaan from the house

In the Bigg Boss house, if a contestant slaps another contestant, it is called violence and as per the rules of Bigg Boss, the violent person is thrown out of the house. In Bigg Boss 17, Tehalka was evicted from Bigg Boss for raising hands on Abhishek Kumar. Due to this, if Armaan slapped Vishal Pandey, it seemed that he will be evicted from the show but Bigg Boss team did not evict Armaan from the house.

Should be kicked out of the show

After Armaan raised his hands on Vishal, Bigg Boss called Lavkesh Kataria, Ranveer Shorey and Deepak Chaurasia to the confession room. It was said by Bigg Boss that whenever someone raises his hand on another contestant in the Bigg Boss house, he is thrown out of the house but this incident is different from others. In this matter Armaan is a husband and what wrong word has been used against his wife. That is, if we go to see, he has been provoked for this. So you have to decide whether Armaan should be kept in the show or removed from the show.

Armaan got punishment

Coming to the confession room, if we look at the decision of the 3 contestants, it is not Armaan Malik but Vishal Pandey who is wrong. That's why Armaan should not be punished, but Anil Kapoor shared the decision of these three contestants with the housemates and told Armaan that even though you have not been evicted from the Bigg Boss house, your punishment is that you will be nominated every week until you are evicted from the house.

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