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Allegations of massive malpractice in Gujarat Fire Department, letter written to Chief Minister, know what is in the letter

A letter has been written to the CM that the chief officer of the fire department has committed misconduct. In this complaint, it has been alleged that tenders worth crores of fire have been fixed and stolen repeatedly. It has been alleged that the tender for the 27 meter turntable ladders was awarded to a particular company.
2 Month ago

Even in fulfilling the name of the Gujarat government to equip the fire department of the state with state-of-the-art equipment, there has been a case indicating that a chief officer of the same fire department has misused his authority and is playing games not only with the government treasury but also with the safety of the citizens.

In a letter written to the Chief Minister's Office itself, it has been shockingly alleged that the tenders issued for the purchase of 27 and 60 meter turntable ladders for the fire department had been fixed by the Chief Fire Officer with such conditions that even if the price was high, only selected companies would be awarded. Arrangements have been made to prevent companies from filling these tenders who are able to tender and are able to supply equipment as per the tender at a lower price, without incurring unnecessary cost to the government.

Submission of neutral tendering rejected

In this letter written to the Chief Minister by a company in the field of fire safety systems, it was alleged that the tender should be neutralized and every company can participate so as to add competitiveness in the purchase of these high-cost equipments and at the same time to benefit the government financially. However, his submission was not heard and without any explanation the company was directly asked to fill it as per the stipulated conditions of the tender.

The apprehension of who will get the tender came true

The letter also alleged that the tenders for 27 meters and 60 meters were already fixed to benefit certain vendors. Only three bids were accepted by arrangement with the Chief Fire Officer. These three included Wadia Fire, Vijay Fire and Hitech Services Pune. The letter, written before the opening of the tender, alleged that Hitech Services would be disqualified when the tender was opened and that the tender would be allotted jointly to Vijay Fire and Wadia Body Builders. According to an allegation, the tender was awarded to Wadia Fire as pre-arranged.

The tender was given at a price 60 percent higher than that filled a year ago

It is alleged that the company which got this tender filled the tender this time at a price 60 percent higher than the price it filled a year ago, but the fire chief officer misused the power and passed the tender.

All the administrators played the tender game

It has been alleged that the budget was increased by adding additional equipment to the equipment for which the tender was placed. Equipment was purchased which was not needed. It is also claimed that two administrators named Hamesh and Aman, who are a small and financially unqualified company with no experience, have been awarded the tender.

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