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90-year-old actress Vyjayanthi Mala performed Bharatanatyam in Ram temple, people joined hands, watch video

Vyjayanthimala Bharatanatyam performance: Vyjayanthimala performed Bharatanatyam at the Ram temple at the age of 90. Everyone was surprised to see this. Vaijayanti Mala used to dance at an age when people of that age could not eat or drink. Even at an older age, his fitness has to be appreciated. Everyone is amazed and appreciating this dance video.
4 Month ago

Famous actress of fifties and sixties, Vaijayanti Mala recently gave a great performance in Ayodhya's Ram temple, which is being talked about. She danced in the Ram temple, the video of which has surfaced and everyone is praising the actress. At the age of 90, Vaijayanti Mala won the hearts of everyone with her dance and expression. Vaijayanti Mala performed in the ongoing 'Ragaseva' program at the Ram temple.

It is known that the prana pratistha of Ram temple took place on January 22 and the 'Ragaseva' program started from January 26. A few days ago Hema Malini participated in this and did a great dance. Now Vaijayanthimala also performed.

Vaijayanti Mala is an astonishing 90 years old

Vaijayanti Mala participated in the 'Ragaseva' started at the Ram temple and performed Bharatanatyam dance. At this stage of age everyone is amazed to see the mesmerizing dance of Vaijayanti Mala and her energy. A man cannot walk properly at the age of 90, but the actress has shocked everyone by giving a brilliant performance.

Malini Awasthi has shared a dance video of Vyjayanti Mala

This dance video of Vaijayanti Mala has been shared by singer Malini Awasthi on X. He has written, 'Here art is considered the highest place of devotion. Watching Vaijayanti Malaji seems to prove this true time and time again. Even today, 60 years after leaving behind the highest peak of fame and glamor that is a dream for budding artists, Vaijayanti Malaji is living her life in art practice in Chennai. Seeing Vaijayanti Malaji dancing at the age of 90 made me feel like when she came to Ayodhya to perform Ragseva to Ram Lalla, the spiritual joy of Indian art, the practice of salvation. Glory to this sadhana, glory to this joy.

Fans are surprised, applauded by bowing hands

Vaijayanti Mala has been away from acting for 54 years Malini Awasthi also shared some pictures with Vaijayanti Mala. Let us tell you that Vyjayanthimala, honored with Padma Shri, is proficient in Bharatanatyam. Vyjayanthimala has been away from the world of acting and films for the past 54 years. After working in the film 'Ganwar' in 1970, he bid adieu to films.

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